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Introduction: Newbie

Hello fellow person on the internet, I'm glad you visited my blog and actually took your time and effort to read this. If you're wondering as to why this empty website with this cringeworthy name even exists, please be my guest and proceed. If you're slightly wondering whether you are wasting your time or not, you may be right. 


But first, let me introduce myself briefly; I am a 20 years old girl born and raised in the Netherlands with Asian blood. As English is not my native language, I apologise in advance for my mistakes I'm gonna make in the future. Anyhow, I am a student of Environmental Sciences (sort of). It's a bit more complex regarding the classes I take, but for now it's okay to say that I study Environmental Stuff (actual name of the course yes). 


I decided to create this website or space or whatever you wanna call it, just for fun and entertainment. I would love to leave my thoughts here once in a while on things I'm passionate about such as global change and other social issues, lifestyle (food and sportz), a little bit of cruelty-free make-up and a little bit of everything I come across in ma joyful life. I would describe myself as witty, (socially) awkward, bit stubborn, very straightforward, sarcastic and somewhat cynical human being. So please do not take everything I say too serious, in all seriousness. It may be hard at first to know whether i'm being sarcastic/cynical or not, but I can guarantee you that most of the time, let's say 90%, I'm just goofin' around unless I mentioned I'm being serious. Oh, and I love love love dark humor. But I can't show that on my blog, because you know, it's the internet. On the opposite side of my salty and witty personality, I ofcourse also have a personality filled with uplifting traits. I am very passsionate (understatement) about animal welfare and I care a lot for nature, including the abiotic aspect. I am truly fascinated as to how the system of the Earth works and the anthropogenic influence on this planet. I'm already feeling hyped up by talking about this subject, but I'll try to calm my titties and save it for another blogpost. Furthermore, I do enjoy spending time with friends (yes I have them) and family once in a while. I feel euphoric and immensely peaceful when looking up at the sky, how cliché it may sound. I just have a strong love for nature ya know what I mean. Speaking of love, I also have a boyfriend which I almost forgot to mention. Just kidding, I love him as much as I love jacked potato. 


I did not intent to write this much text, my sincere apologies for that, so I'm just gonna end it here. I would like to end this with a meaningful, thoughtful and inspiring quote since I'm a big fan of quotes. 


"If it is on the internet then it must be true, and you can't question it."

- Abraham Lincoln


You can call me Winter by the way, sounds pretty cool right. Or not. Send me links on how to make good vegan pies.   


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