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Product review | Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss: Vanilla Island

Only on my blog you can read a whole blogpost dedicated to an ice cream which isn’t even remotely new on the market. It is so ancient, the Romans might even had consumed it. I searched it up on Google and apparently this ice cream flavor dates back to 2015 and older. However, I still wanted to mention this product on my blog, because it’s some damn good stuff.  

Love the packaging tho, it reminds me of the Dutch theme park Efteling

So recently, I discovered an ice cream brand that I’ve never heard of before. I was having dinner at one of my favorite places and this lovely lady who works there gave me this cup of ice cream when we were about to leave (le boyfriend et moi). As I said, it isn’t a new brand on the market nor is the flavor I got anything new. But since I was so surprised about this product positively, I had to write to about this.



This product, Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss in the flavor Vanilla Island, is a non-dairy ice cream based on coconut milk and cream and it’s sweetened with agave syrup. Their ingredients are certified organic. Also it is kosher and gluten-free. The ingredient list consists of nothing more than coconut milk and cream, sweetener and vanilla extract and beans. No unnecessary ingredients added, just the good stuff. The brand is a big supporter of sustainability as they contribute to using fair trade ingredients in some of their products, using green energy to power their headquarters and many more sustainable practices. I just love the whole spirit of the brand I would buy their products even if it was made from baby poo.


The vanilla beans are visible detectable, but the flavor of vanilla is a bit less noticeable than I expected. It's a bit too little flavor to my liking. But if you prefer an ice cream without an overwhelming vanilla flavor, this might be the perfect amount of flavor for you. There is hint of coconut flavor as well, but not too overpowering. This ice cream is much more dense/thick and creamy than any other ice creams I have tried that is non-coco milk and cream based. It tastes very rich with a hint of coconut flavor and a bit vanilla. Also a difference is that it's less sweeter than regular ice cream, which is in my favor since I usually find regular ice cream way too heavily sweetened.

Snow white


I would highly recommend this product to any vegans and non-vegans out there who wanna try ice cream that's a bit less sweeter than the usual ice creams and healthier. The only thing that I would change, is the amount of vanilla flavor to it. But overall, I am glad I got to try this product out and I would definitely buy this product again. Luna & Larry’s also sells ice sandwiches and ice cream bars in many flavors. Unfortunately, there are not many selling points in the Netherlands of this brand. I have a feeling they are more targeted to the USA market, so if you happen to be a US citizen, I’m jealous of you. I have to find my way to get more of these ice cream flavors. Finally, I have found a purpose in life. 


Highly recommend, 10/10. 

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